Ryver vs. Trello

Simply put, Ryver does what Trello can’t.

So what’s wrong with Trello?

Trello is great at task management using Kanban boards.

However, Trello suffers from two big drawbacks.

Trello’s First Fatal Flaw: Price

When a new project is gearing up, you don’t want to be held back. You want to build your new team, get everyone all using the same tools, and just GO!

Projects are fluid though. People come and go.

Unfortunately, Trello’s pricing is not fluid. It’s $12 per-user per-month.

At those prices, you have to be careful about who you exclude from your Trello team. Every new member cost more. Can you afford to have the whole team on Trello?

Trello’s pricing problem can make it more trouble than it’s worth.

Ryver, on the other hand offers more functionality and has low, flat-rate pricing, making it easy to add more users without the fear of ever-increasing costs. And for anything more than 13 users in our Unlimited Plan, the cost stays the same. (That’s a really, really good deal.)

But Trello is Free, right?

Well, sort of. Trello does have a free version. And it’s great – as long as you don’t need privacy or security or administrative control.

Trello makes you pay for all those things. (You know, all the things you need to run a real business.)

Security & Privacy

Free Trello has no private boards, very little security and not much privacy.

Every team member can see every project, every user, and every task. In other words, everyone can see everything. Your private company info is not private.

And if you think your people won’t save secure information on free Trello, think again. Allowing your team to use a free public task board is an invitation to disaster.

Administrative Control

Free Trello offers no control over who can create and manage teams and public boards. That’s a recipe for chaos. Or worse…

And if you need these features…

  • View-only Guests
  • Remove members but save their history
  • Access control to Task Boards

…then you have to pay extra.

The bottom line?

Trello gets very expensive, very fast.

Trello’s Second Problem: No Team Communication

Kanban task boards are really great for task management.

But to be effective, your team needs to talk with one another about the tasks they are working on all day long too. If they use Trello with something like Slack, then they bounce back and forth between the two applications. Wasted time and money.

You should be able to turn Team Communication into Team Tasks with a single click. You should be able to view an entire Task Board right where you chat and post. And updates to Team Tasks should create team communications like Alerts and Updates.

In other words, you should be using one product, not two!

Team Task Management should integrate with Team Communication.

Ryver is Integrated

Ryver is the only world-class Team Task Management tool that seamlessly integrates world-class Team Communication.

  • Full kanban-style drag-n-drop task management.
  • Create unlimited projects with unlimited tasks with unlimited teams.
  • Instantly communicate any Task updates to any user affected by that task.
  • Users can chat, message, post and even call one another to discuss tasks – or anything else – all within Ryver.
  • Turn any message, chat, topic, or comment into a real, trackable Task at the push of a button. No more alt-tabbing between applications. No more copy-pasting between windows.
  • Assign, schedule, organize, track, and discuss Tasks – all in one place

Keep your finger on the pulse of your entire business with Ryver. One single source for people, projects, and conversations.

Ryver is More Affordable

Ryver integrates Team Task Management with Team Communication. And Ryver’s low, flat-rate pricing of $49/month for up to 12 users, $99/month for 13+ users, or affordable, custom Enterprise plan options are a fraction of the cost of Trello.

You could use Trello for tasks and Slack for communication. That’s better than nothing. If you do, you’ll pay at least $20 per-user per-month. And you still won’t have tight integration.

With Ryver, you can invite as many people as you need to the team. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Integrate team communication with team task management in Ryver so your team can stay focused on getting work done. And you can enjoy saving money.

Ryver is More Effective

In today’s world, most teams cross boundaries. Department boundaries, company boundaries, even national boundaries. Real-world teams are cross-functional, virtual, and constantly changing. You need input from all stakeholders and contributors from outside your organization:

  • Key customers
  • Contractors
  • Vendors
  • Partners
  • Advisors
  • Investors

Ryver isn’t just chatter. It’s world-class team communication integrated with world-class team task management.

  • Messages: With Ryver, all your data is available all the time. There is no limit.
  • Users: Flat-rate pricing makes it easy to invite anyone who needs to be on the team.
  • Storage: For one simple flat rate, Ryver gives you unlimited data storage. Why? Because storage costs us a nickle per gigabyte!
  • Tasks: Turn any message into assignable, trackable tasks at the push of a button.

Ryver Gives You More

Ryver Topics

Ryver Chat is a great chat engine, with all the features you demand. It’s good for short, back-and-forth questions and answers.

However, chat is a lousy way to organize long, topical discussions. Don’t you hate it when your discussions are pushed up, out of sight in the chat window and mixed in with 6 other different chat discussions?

That’s where Ryver Topics come in.

Ryver Topics lets discussions go on for weeks without getting lost in a bunch of rapid-fire chat. Your team conducts threaded, topic-based discussions that are easy to follow, easy to contribute to, and easy to search.

Ryver DMs

Sometimes you want 1-on-1 conversations without including the whole team. That’s why Ryver also includes private direct messages to anyone – member or guest.

Import from Trello

Already have a bunch of boards setup in Trello? No problem. You can export them from Trello into Ryver and get all the power of team task management tightly integrated with team communications.

And More…

In addition to Topics, Chats, DMs, and Tasks, Ryver gives your team:

Push Notifications

Regardless of which teams, projects, or tasks you are working on, Ryver will notify you of updates that matter to you. Wherever you are. On every device..

Native Apps

Ryver has clients for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. And Ryver works on all devices in almost the same way. So everything stays in sync.

Task and Topic Streams

When you are a contributor on LOTS of teams, it can get hard to keep up with everything.

So Ryver rolls up all your tasks from every team into a Task Stream, a single view that can be filtered. (Trello can’t do that.)

The Task Stream shows at a glance everything you’re working on and/or what everyone else is working on.

The Topic Stream gives you a single view of the updates to Topics you are following.

Plus you get notified of updates to any task or topic you are subscribed to or assigned to.

Files Saved in Context

Teams share more than just conversations. Teams share files. All kinds of files.

Ryver keeps all your files in the context of your project. Makes it a lot easier to find.

And of course, Ryver is integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box as well.

Trello Killer?

Is Ryver trying to be the “Trello Killer”?

Trello is owned by Atlassian, a public company. It’s a good tool. No one is going to kill them. (Unless Atlassian kills Trello like they are killing HipChat.)

Next generation Work Productivity is a massive new software category. It has room for several major winners. We’ve worked hard to make Ryver one of them.

We believe Ryver is better than their very expensive paid product. Especially when you combine it with world class team communication.

Team Tasks and Team Communication – together hand-in-glove. When you give Ryver a trial you will see there is nothing else like it.

How Does Ryver Manage to Be So Affordable?

Modern cloud computing makes the cost of adding a new customer about a dime. Trello charges around $144 per-user per-year for every single new user.


Trello gets crazy-expensive in a hurry.

Our flat-rate plans give you:

  • Unlimited Teams
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Search
  • Unlimited Storage


But how do we do it? Simply put, since it doesn’t cost us a ton of money to provide Ryver to you, we don’t think you should have to pay a fortune for using it either.

Get more done with Ryver