Ryver vs. Slack

Simply put, Ryver does what Slack can’t.

So what’s wrong with Slack?

Slack is great at a simple idea: chat for teams. It’s useful, but has 2 big drawbacks.

Slack’s First Problem: Slack Lacks Tasks

Talk without action is mere chatter.

  • You chatter about who is doing what.
  • You chatter about when it should be done.
  • You chatter about how it will get done.

Slack gives you no way to turn all that chatter into tasks. Slack offers no way to assign, schedule, organize, or track those tasks.

If you want to turn Talk into Action, you need to turn Chat into useful, trackable Tasks.

Slack lacks Tasks.

Ryver: The Seamless Integration of Team Task Management + Team Communication

Ryver is the only world-class team communication tool that seamlessly integrates world-class team task management.

  • Turn any message in Ryver into trackable tasks at the push of a button.
  • Assign, schedule, organize, and track those tasks.  
  • Set automated alerts to remind your teams (and yourself) to check progress on those tasks.

With Ryver task management everyone sees what they must do, when they must get it done, and what everyone else is working on – at all times.

Well… But Slack is Free! (Isn’t it?)

True. If all you need is very limited chat, Slack is fine.

If you use Slack as a real team in the real world, you’ll ultimately pay for it.

Slack’s free version is too restrictive.

Slack says “10K Chat Search Limit”

Free Slack only keeps your last 10,000 chats. Sounds like a lot, right? Well…

A typical 8 person team generates about 10,000 chats every 2-3 weeks. So if you need to search for something you chatted about 6 months ago… Or two months ago… Or even last month… you are plain out of luck. It’s gone! Not only can’t you search for it, you can’t even see it. Now that’s a big problem!

Slack makes you pay a lot.

But Ryver saves everything so you can always search for and find anything, no matter when you discussed it.

Slack says “5GB Storage Limit”
Free Slack gives your team 5GB of free storage. If you ever need more than that, well then…

Slack makes you pay a lot.

Considering that 1GB of cloud storage costs about a nickel on Amazon servers where both Ryver and Slack run, we think it should cost you less.

Ryver gives you unlimited data storage.

Slack says “No Guests Allowed”

Hey, do you want to invite guests to your team?

Slack makes you pay a lot.

What’s the point of a “team communication tool” that won’t let you communicate with everyone who needs to be on the team?

For the price of just 8 Slack users, Ryver gives you unlimited free members and unlimited free guests.

Slack’s Second Problem: Painful Pricing

Want to add another member to Slack? You gotta pay.

Every. Single. Time.  

Want to add another guest. You gotta pay.

Every. Single. Time.

Each time you add another user, Slack gets more expensive.

How expensive? Try $96 per year per user for their cheapest paid version. And it could easily cost double that!

Say you have 15 people on your team. That’s $1,440 a year, just for chatter.

Yet teams are fluid. People come and go. If you have to play Budget Roulette just to add a new user to the team, you’ll think twice about inviting new members or guests.

Might as well use email…

Isn’t this supposed to make work more effective?

Ryver is More Affordable

Ryver’s flat-rate pricing lets you build fluid teams without breaking the bank. 

People and projects come and go. Different departments, different regions, even different organizations all working together on the same team.

With Ryver, you have the freedom to invite new users without the fear of overspending.

Ryver gives you powerful team communication tools and a world-class Task Manager for a small fraction of what it costs to use Slack. Just $49/month for up to 12 users, $99/month for 13+ users, or affordable, custom Enterprise plan options.

Ryver is More Effective

You will use Ryver differently than Slack. Since Ryver has flat-rate pricing, you’ll never need to worry about exorbitant costs when adding someone to your team.

And Ryver isn’t just chatter. It’s world-class team communication integrated with world-class team management.

  • Messages:  With Ryver, you’ll have unlimited messaging. You won’t run out.
  • Users: Ryver’s flat-rate pricing makes it easy to invite anyone who needs to be on the team.
  • Storage: In Ryver, you get unlimited data storage. Why? Because it only costs us about a nickel per gigabyte!
  • Tasks:  Turn any message into assignable, trackable tasks at the push of a button. All within Ryver.

Ryver is More Agile

Ryver Topics

Ryver is a great chat engine, with all the features you demand. It’s good for short, back-and-forth questions and answers.

However, don’t you hate it when your discussions are pushed up, out of sight in the chat window? And all your chats mix with other chats about other topics? Chat is a lousy way to organize long topical discussions.

That’s why Ryver also has Topics.

With Topics, your team can conduct long, topic-based discussions that are easy to follow, easy to contribute to and easy to search. Topics lets discussions go on for weeks without getting lost in a bunch of rapid-fire chat.

(In the spirit of full disclosure, Slack has something they call Posts for topics too. But, it’s… well… hard to find, and just not as well organized.)

Ryver DMs

Sometimes you want 1-on-1 private conversations without including the whole team. That’s why Ryver also includes direct messaging to anyone – user or guest.

And More…

In addition to Topics, Chats, DMs, and Tasks, Ryver gives your team:

  • Centralized notifications
  • A Summary Stream where tasks and topics flow – See everything new from all your Teams in a quick glance
  • Files saved in context for every Team
  • Native apps/clients for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux that stay in sync

Slack Killer?

Is Ryver trying to be the “Slack Killer”? Of course not! Slack is a fine chat tool with a pile of venture capital money in the bank. No one’s going to kill Slack anytime soon.

Next generation Work Productivity is a massive, new software category. It has room for several major winners. And Ryver is quickly becoming one of them because Ryver does what any team collaboration app should do, and more!

How Does Ryver Manage to Be So Affordable?

Modern cloud computing makes the cost of creating a new customer account very inexpensive. So we think it shouldn’t cost you a ton of money either.

Slack gives you less-organized and less-optimized chat, and they charge $96 to $180 a year per user for EVERY SINGLE USER, so it gets crazy-expensive in a hurry.

Ryver gives you:

  • Unlimited Teams
  • Unlimited Search
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Tasks



(And much more.) And Ryver’s flat-rate plans are exponentially more affordable.

But how do we do it? Simply put, since it doesn’t cost us a ton of money to provide Ryver to you, we don’t think you should have to pay a fortune for using it either.

  Ryver Enterprise Features

Slack offers Enterprise features too, but again, it’s just chat.

Ryver’s Enterprise Plan includes Single Sign-On, Premium Support, and other common enterprise features, but where it really shines is the Workflow Engine.

Ryver’s Workflow Engine enables you to automate time-consuming responsibilities, saving you time, money, and headache.

Let’s say a complex purchase order email comes in from a customer. Rather than try to remember everyone that needs to be contacted, Ryver’s workflow engine could do it for you by automatically creating a set of tasks, assigning them, setting due dates, and sending notifications. All triggered in less than a second. Slack definitely can’t do that.

Get more done with Ryver