Replace Internal Emails with Ryver

There is a BIG problem with internal team emails…

…And your team might be affected.

Here’s an example of an average team member’s morning opening emails:

      1. Open Inbox.

      2. View dozens of new emails — some from your team, some from spammers.

      3. Wow! That’s a really good deal in this ad. *Click*

Your teammate has been distracted. And who knows how long until they’ll get back to work!

Email is full of distractions!

Advertising lures catch even the best of us. We all enjoy a funny joke from our relative once in a while, or the latest news, or great promotional deals.

And even if your teammates survive the onslaught of advertisements, who’s to say whether they’ll fall into the next trap of the outdated “Reply All” system, which makes it easy to miss out on critical internal team messages when people reply quickly, which often can accidentally omit some people’s replies from the thread. (Not good!)

That’s where Ryver comes in to save the day.

Now, we are NOT saying you need to get rid of email completely. Far from it! Most of the world still communicates via email, so it wouldn’t make any sense to stop using email to communicate with people outside of your organization, like customers and vendors.

However, when it comes to team collaboration, Ryver is lightyears ahead.

Ryver provides the ability to have instantaneous, searchable team conversations any time of day via Chat (like group text messages), Topics (topic-dedicated conversations), and Tasks (world-class Kanban task boards).

All these organized conversation streams give your team the ability to collaborate effectively, without distractions. No ads. No spam. No distractions. (WARNING: Though your teammates may occasionally post a funny joke to lighten the mood once in a while. But who doesn’t need a good laugh from time to time!) 

Ryver gives you the simplicity of having all your team communication organized in one place. Your team can talk with each other, and even guests (like vendors and consultants) anytime. All inside Ryver. 

Ryver solves the email problem so that your team can get more work done, keep better track of projects, and ultimately increase productivity.

Ready to upgrade your team communications platform?

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The Ryver Team
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