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All your team communication in one place.

Why You Need Ryver

Using multiple apps plus email to communicate with your team is difficult, complex, and expensive.

Ryver™ makes managing your team’s collaboration easy, simple, and affordable by organizing it all in one app.

Organize Your Team Collaboration

Group Messaging
Chat with your team anytime.

Unlimited Chat & Topics

Unlimited File Sharing

Unlimited Conversation Searching

Task Management
Turn conversations into action.

Unlimited Tasks

Unlimited Team & Personal Task Boards

Specify detail in Tasks with Checklists, Tags, & Assignments

Voice & Video Calls
Talk with any teammate in Ryver.

Unlimited Calls

Crisp, clear audio and video (including screen sharing)

Join any call in 1 click

Why Choose Ryver

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Perfect for Teamwork

“Keeps communications and projects organized. “

Katrina M.

Ryver was a good help in organizing communications

“Ryver has this alternative name for groups called “Teams”. I was involved in organizing the college cultural fest so that name suited us. We had all these different teams for different events that were to be held so each team had their own group on the same app. We could post topics that were pushed up to the top as latest discussion. If previous posts were important we could “promote” them to…”

Nikhil H.
MTS at NetApp

Excellent team collaboration platform

“Ryver is a superb platform for teams to communicate and work together, with simple but efficient file sharing tools. The feature that I liked best from ryver is that it is a really helpful messaging and information exchanging platform for free. Normally a free program isn’t as complete as ryver, but this program, with its straightforward design and features can really assist a team to develop…”

Eduardo M.

Aluno na Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro

Straightforward chat and task app

“I’ve used Slack and Hipchat in other environments, but really like using Ryver. It’s very easy to use and has everything our team needs. The recent addition of a task app is seamless.”

Joel A.

CEO, Co-founder at PressFriendly

Used in our Church Office, immediately made a huge difference

“Ease of use & the ability to communicate in a team environment in a direct way, without a mountain of emails”

Peter W.

Unlimited Collaboration. Amazing Price.



  Up to 12 Users

  Unlimited Chat

  Unlimited Tasks

  Unlimited Teams

  Unlimited File Sharing

  Unlimited Searching

  Unlimited Integrations

  Voice & Video Calls





  Unlimited Users

  Custom Invite Links

  Unlimited Chat

  Unlimited Tasks

  Unlimited Teams

  Unlimited File Sharing

  Unlimited Searching

  Unlimited Integrations

  Voice & Video Calls


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The only totally secure way to work

Ryver takes customer data security seriously. All your data is protected 24/7/365 by Armor Anywhere, a pioneer and leader in the cloud security business.